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Schengen Visa

Our Schengen Visa Guide helps you understand the Schengen Visa better and the processes behind it, so that you can successfully apply for it. Our goal with this guide is that you can apply solely on your own with help from anyone else.

  • Schengen Treaty Overview
  • What is this Visa anyways?
  • General requirements

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United States Visa Application Guide

Visitors to the U.S. that are visiting for leisure or tourism may be eligible for the B-2 Tourist Visa. The B-2 Visa is part of the U.S. Visitor Visa umbrella and is required for travellers that are citizens of countries that does not partake in the Visa Waiver Program. To learn more, download our guide and be on your way to get your hands on a B-2 Visa.

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U.S. Visa Renewal Guide

If you have a visitor visa that has expired, you have re-apply for a new B-1 or B-2 visa. It is common to think that it is possible to renew or extend a U.S. visitor visa because they already had one, however, it is not so straight forward. This guide will explain how in detail how to apply for a new U.S. visa to replace the one that has expired.

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U.S. Visitor Visa Application Guide

This guide provides you with the tools and tactics to successfully apply for a visa for the United States. Our goal is to give you a helping hand so that you can apply on your own, without outside help.

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